Just Arrived!

Coffee aficionados absolutely love tasting single origin coffees to experience the distinct flavour nuances in those coffees.A single origin must have is from Rwanda. Delight in a dark cup with winey plum notes with a high acidity upfront. A pillowy soft full body moving to a long cream, burnt sugar and dark cocoa finish.


Coffee “touch”

COFFEE & THE SENSE OF TOUCH. We coffee lovers seriously appreciate a good cuppa (freshly roasted & aromatic) but tend to perhaps think that enjoying coffee involves merely the sense of taste and smell. Have you ever thought of how the sense of touch adds to this magical experience. Touch involves the mouth feeling: the …

From seed to cup

It is surprising to hear and unknown to many coffee drinkers that it takes an astonishingly 3 to 4 years for a coffee plant to start producing fruit which can be harvested for quality coffee. In many countries harvesting this fine coffee is very labor intense and is often done by hand. Berries are stripped …