Single Origin Coffee

Enjoying coffee is an exquisite experience, and every aspect of its preparation contributes to the unique taste of every cup. The history and origin of the coffee, the dedication and method of roasting, the skill of preparation, every pair of hands your coffee pass by adds to its characteristics and flavour.

Not sure what type of coffee beans to use? Start here for a quick walkthrough of the many kinds of coffee beans we have in stock from around the globe.

Brazil Santos Arabica Coffee 

Smooth sweet flavour, medium body, and fine acidity.

Colombia Excelso Fully Washed Arabica Coffee (European preparation)

Juicy bright acid through a dark inky cup. Notes of stewed plum and burnt toffee. The full rich body builds in the finish.

*Organic Colombia Excelso Fully Washed Arabica Coffee 

Inky powerful cup. Dark chocolate and purple grape flavour and acid upfront. Sweet roasted coffee finish.

Colombia Supremo Arabica Coffee

Juicy full cup with subtle blackcurrant acidity. Long dark cocoa and toffee finish.

Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Premium Arabica Coffee

Brisk citrus acidity and a perfectly clean finish. Rich and hearty flavour.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Arabica Coffee 

Full creamy body and nippy stone-fruit acidity give way to a floral-citrus intensity.

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB Fully Washed Arabica Coffee

Soft notes upfront of berries and caramel. Apricot acid with a creamy coating mouthfeel. Soft spice and malt finish.

Indian Tiger Mountain TM HG Washed Arabica

Medium to excellent body with a long chocolate finish, good to high flavour and acidity.

Indian Plantation A  Washed Arabica

Exotic and spicy coffee with a sharp acidic flavour.


PNG Tungei Selection Washed Arabica Coffee

Good acidity with exceptional aromatics with a full smooth deep rich body with a long smooth, sweet finish.

Kenya AA Washed Arabica Coffee

Sharp acidity, a solid body, and smooth taste with wine-like penetrating flavours.

El Salvador Rainforest Alliance HG Arabica Coffee

Delicate cup with hazelnuts, caramel, and malt through a juicy body. Lemon and stonefruit acid. Bakers cocoa to finish.

Peru Hard Bean Chanchamayo Washed Arabica Coffee

Generally a mildly acid coffee, light-bodied but flavorful and aromatic, it is considered a “good blender” owing to its pleasant but understated character.

*Our roasted organic beans are certified Organic from the Country of Origin. 

Please note that our coffee prices are subject to seasonal price changes. Contact us to receive the most updated prices & availability.