Coffee Blends

Roasting coffee is a skillful art that requires dedication and expertise. Starting with carefully selecting premium freshly roasted coffee beans, our master roaster at La Vista del Coffee has created an opulent selection of uniquely special blends to suit your taste. We have also created an unscathed organic coffee blend and only certified organic coffee beans are used in this “natural” blend.
If you would like to create your own personalized coffee blend for your business, we will gladly assist you in creating your very own exclusive blend which will be a standout. A true representation of your love and passion for fine coffee.  Contact us on (08) 9248 2128 to find out more.


Blend No. 1 Lily Italian Style Espresso Coffee Blend (AU$30.00/kg)

Our most popular blend, made from six different premium Arabica beans. It has a very complex taste owing to its many flavours. Carefully selected and perfectly blended, the Blend No. 1 is a strong, well-balanced coffee with an outstanding aroma.

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Blend No. 2 Julia “R” Espresso Coffee Blend (AU$30.00/kg)

For a classic cup of java, Blend No. 2 offers the original flavour that people over the world have fallen in love with. This beautiful blend is smooth without tasting bitter and is sure to win your approval.

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Blend No. 3 Montenegro Premium Espresso Blend (AU$40.00/kg)

Using three different premium quality coffee beans, Blend No. 3 has a smooth and chocolaty feel. Its indulgent flavours and medium strength guarantee a satisfying coffee experience.

Organic Espresso Coffee Blend (AU$30.00/kg)

A crowd-pleasing organic blend made with certified organic coffee beans. This specialty blend showcases an unique blend of acidity, richness with a well-balanced aftertaste.

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Café Latino Blend (AU$30.00/kg)

This Latin American coffee is a mix of 4 amazing single origin coffees from the Americas and is roasted perfectly,  medium strength in taste but produces an excellent crema which will leave you with a smooth aftertaste. Go on, sip away on this absolute treat and surrender your senses.

Colombia Excelso (AU$30.00/kg)

An distinctive blend of freshly roasted Colombia fully washed Arabica Excelso coffee beans, delivering a medium-bodied cup with an unique blend of acidity, rich taste and well balance aftertaste.

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Minas/Santos Brasil’d Oro (AU$30.00/kg)

Blend No. 20 (Turkish / mud) (AU$26.00/kg)

Blend No. 21 (Turkish / mud)(AU$26.00/kg)

Please note that our coffee prices are subject to seasonal price changes. Contact us to receive the most updated prices.

Our wide selection of premium coffee beans are available in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags. Tasting on premises is also available on request, so come down today and try our freshly roasted coffee!

50g Samples of any coffee are available if you like to try without committing … but we at La Vista del Coffee are confident that you will be back for some more of our coffee.

Free delivery is available on orders of 1 kg or more.